Remove Malware and Spyware on your Computer Completely

One of the most dreaded computer issues that we don't want to encounter in our Computers are virus, malware, and spyware infestation, we've heard a lot of news about viruses lately and how they affect your computer and totally invade your privacy, unfortunately most people are not concerned with these until the effects of such is already running on their Personal Computers (PC), like our PC is already running slow as usual and we are already getting a lot of unwanted pop ups and ads on our screen. Sometimes, even if we already have an antivirus installed on our computer, this is still not enough to secure your system, as threat for malware and spyware is eminent.

What are malware and spyware? Usually these are malicious programs that are included on free applications available online, such as toolbar, free games, free emoticons, and so on. Thus, if you are experiencing the described symptoms above, it's best to scan for malware and completely free yourself from worries and possible expenses from a technician.

How to free your PC from Malware:
1. Get Malwarebytes Here - the best anti-malware tool with simple friendly user interface.
2. After downloading this great program, install Malwarebytes.
3. After installation, open the program and select "Scan" tab.
4. Select "Start Scan"
5. If malware / spyware are detected, then remove everything and reboot your PC.

Download Free Malwarebytes Version Here

If ever you are still experiencing issues like your system is still slow, despite your computer is free from viruses, trojan, malware, and spyware, then it might be a possible hardware issue or software issues, for further maintenance, you may try repairing the registry of your computer or probably you can tune up your PC further by checking our guide from this link.