Welcome to Tingbits.com!

Welcome to Tingbits! A blog to overcome tingbits and to make sure we survive every after pay day -- tingbits is defined as Noun. tingbits. (informal) a period where money is tight; especially days before one's payday - from https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tingbits

If you've reached this random blog, then definitely you are seeking help or curious enough how to break your cycle every after payday.

Just like yourself, we are also experiencing difficulty with our finances, and striving our best to overcome financial challenges in our lives.

This blog aims to help everyone, including ourselves to stop the life of  paycheck to paycheck and ensure we can achieve financial freedom for ourselves, love ones, and our family.

Keep checking this blog for new content focused on; savings, making money, financial strategy, and other tools or tech that can help us overcome our money issues.We are looking forward to keep this blog simple and content worthy of your time as we also conquer our financial problems and strive our best to live to the fullest! #YOLO