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This is a revamp of my old post about PTC (Pay to Click), a couple of years ago I shared a guide on how I earned from a couple of cents to dollars online without any money, this guide will help you generate money on the side and should only take five (5) minutes of your time per day. This guide is a bit long as part of our anti-tingbits hacks, good luck!
Don't count your chicken before they are hatched"- Anonymous
An introduction --- PTC Sites is one of the oldest way to earn money online, though lots of people doubt about its effectiveness (due to multiple scam websites) there are still few that stand outs and still gives a value of our time, this will help you earn from cent to dollar a day, every cents that you click will pave way for higher earnings in the future, as what they say; "every cents counts!".

How it works?
Every time you click an ad, it will run a timer and give you a cent as an exchange... probably a good way to kill time while you are checking your wall in Facebook, each ads usually run for thirty (30) seconds, so it's not that bad while doing something else online, right?

So what is indeed a PTC Site?

These sites are companies hosting ads online and getting paid by different companies to show their ads online, this is to get a considerable amount of audience online - that is you - as you click on those ads you will earn its corresponding cents, and you are being paid for this to guarantee a real audience viewing their site, though, you don't even have to see their site, you just have to wait for timer to finish (30 seconds), and close the page after.
For more information, please see definition of Paid to Click - by Wikipedia Here

Getting in Action:

First you need to register on a PTC site, and you don't have to pay anything, unless if you want to earn more which we will discuss further below (Though, the goal of this guide is to get a better income without spending anything from our own pocket).

Why Neobux? Neobux is the proven leader of PTC since 2008, there are a lot of scammed programs for PTC, however Neobux has always been the trusted PTC site that offers great features and this is also what I'm using to earn a bit online, to register with Neobux, please click on this link or banner below.

Once you have successfully created an account, you may go ahead and click on available ads, shown in the upper right corner of your account page "view advertisements", select the available ads (usually in green), and click the red dot to open the ads, once done it will open a new window (usually takes 10 to 30 seconds) close the window once approved and you are done. Do this everyday and definitely you can easily get up to 10$ or more daily, if you are lucky enough to recruit a lot of active members.

Getting your Money

The only way you can get your money is via Skrill / NETELLER PayPal or AlertPay, these are trusted sites for processing payments and money transfers online. It's entirely free and totally secure, if you want to get some help, you can always shoot me an e-mail at info@tingbits.com.

My first pay with Neobux
To maximize your earnings, please see my Advance Strategy for Neobux.