Advance Strategy to Maximize Earnings - Neobux

If you've reached this post it only means one thing, you want to earn more in Neobux and other PTC sites! Hence, we've created this Advance Strategy Guide to Maximize your Time and Earnings Everyday!

Quick Strategy:

  • Click Ads everyday - usually you will have four (4) clickable ads daily (free members), and random mini exposure ads.
  • Take advantage of referrals
  • Types of Referrals
    Direct Referrals: Are users who registered under your referral link or using your referral code. Rented Referrals: Are users you can rent for a fee, these will click under you for a specific period of time.

  • Most PTC Sites has a direct (free) referrals for free accounts (e.g., that is why its best to recruit your friends, classmates, co-workers or anyone you knew to join this program with your referral link, usually a referral link can be a banner under your account status. (to take advantage of direct referrals for Neobux you must be a member for at least 15 days and have had made at least 100 clicks - pretty achievable within 15 days).

  • Working with PTC
    You might ask yourself that $0.005 per click is too small and not worthy of your time, right? However, if you will have a clearer view and see the bigger picture, here's a table if how much you can earn from $0.005.
    Sample # of Referrals Clicks / Day Earnings per Day Earnings per Month Earnings per Year

    Important: The goal of this program is to earn more by getting 300 referrals or more before you will start cashing out your funds, with Rented Referrals, it will help us climb on the figure above. For in-depth guide with maximizing referrals, please select the link below:

  • If you have a few cash to spare and you want to jump quickly in the board you can take advantage of premium accounts that PTC sites offer, they can definitely give you an edge over standard accounts - higher click rate, more referrals, but these post a huge risk too (unable to get your investment back, hence we don't suggest and we won't be liable by you investing in premium accounts).
    Things to Consider:

  • These sites will only allow one IP Address - hence, you can't create multiple accounts in your home, unless you have multiple internet connection access. This is also true in clicking the ads, it will only allow one account per internet access.
  • This is bad news for those who are using a pre-paid wi-fi connection or public connection, as someone might be using this program too.
  • Ads will randomly expire in a given period, this is normal especially for mini exposure ads.
  • Some PTC sites has strict rules of inactivity, like if you can't login for a month, your earnings will expire.
  • Make sure you review each PTC Site's Terms and Conditions, as some sites has ridiculous rules like you need to get an "upgraded account" in order to cash out - example, simply speaking they want you to pay them first before getting paid? This is a possible scam, thought they scored okay with some reviews.
  • Terms and Conditions tends to change on some PTC site, so make sure you review everything thoroughly if there's an update or changes with their T&C - usually they will announce this on their homepage.

  • For more PTC sites, please checked for great review and to make sure its not a scam program. Good luck!